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What is the Best Stock Market Trading Strategy?

Stock market trading strategy refers to a set of objective rules that spell out the conditions that need to be met prior to trade entries and exits. This set of objective rules would include trade filters and triggers, and specifications for trade entries. Trading strategy will also include rules for trade exits, timeframes, money management, as well as order types.

Characteristics of a Good Stock Trading Strategy

In essence, a stock market trading strategy spells out the conditions or specifics for executing trades, exiting trades, as well as managing money in investment. If researched and executed accurately, a trading strategy has the ability to make a mathematical expectation for the spelt out rules available, and at the same time aid investors and traders in determining whether a trading concept is potentially profitable.

So, What’s the Best Stock Market Trading Strategy?

The best stock trading strategy to look out for is the one that ultimately offers the best possible return in the shortest time frame, and only presents least amount of risk. A good number of stock trading strategies have consistently proven profitable over the time by withstanding the test of time in various markets and market conditions. However, bear in mind that a trading strategy remains good as long as the trader implements it accurately. This is why you would find two traders having different outcomes from the same stock market trading strategy.

Therefore, the best stock trading strategy will depend on the following:

• The role of the trader; there are two critical components of the popularly used trading strategies – the trader and the strategy itself. For successful implementation and outcome, the trader needs to have a deep understanding and firm grip of stock trading, as well as be committed to undergoing all the mental stress required to analyze things properly.

• The best trading technique will also depend on your situation, personality as well as resources.

Finally, the best stock market trading strategy is the one that helps you manage risks excellently.

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